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You can use this website IF all of these are true for you:
  • Your income is low for a family the size of yours.
  • Your cash, checking account, savings account, stocks or bonds are not worth too much.
  • You aren't locked up in jail or prison.
  • Your legal problem isn't something you can go to jail for.
  • You haven't already hired a lawyer to help you with your legal problem.

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About this project

Montana Legal Services Association created "AskKarla" to help provide access to civil legal help for low-income Montanans living across the state.

We have partnered with LegalServer, a leading provider of case management software, to give you the tools to speak with a volunteer professional regarding a legal question — safely, discreetly and confidentially.

About Karla

Karla Marie Gray (May 10, 1947 – February 19, 2017) was an American attorney and judge who served as the Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court; she was the first woman to serve as Chief Justice and to be elected to the Montana Supreme Court.

Karla gave her all to championing the mission of equal justice for all Montanans. She believed that the most fundamental promise of our country, equal justice under the law, could be achieved only by assuring that every person who needs access to justice gets it.